The Order of Ja’el — Chapter Seven

Jeanelle Frontin
15 min readMar 27, 2022

A Weekly Sci-fi Fantasy Story Series

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“Lea-leagus!” Jada jumped from her chair. “I didn’t hear you come home. I would have prepared if I had known yo-you would be arriving this early.”

Leagus only smiled and waved her down. “Oh, I just came to collect some papers to return to headquarters. But I will be sure to make myself available tomorrow. Is this another luncheon?”

Jada nodded speechlessly.

“Great!” Leagus continued. “I will be able to handle some things in the morning before I meet you both back here by midday.” He looked at them both carefully, and then blurted, “Okay, let me head out. I won’t interrupt your chat any longer.”

With that, he smiled again, turned, and walked away, leaving them in stunned silence until they heard the front door close.

Millow looked up at Jada with tears in her eyes. “How much do you think he heard?”

The pit in Jada’s stomach climbed up her chest and into her throat. “Could be nothing… could be… everything…” Jada knew the latter was far more probable, and at the very least, Leagus’s suspicions would have been raised. However, his reaction was the complete opposite of what she’d expected. It only served to confuse her further.

“Maybe he didn’t hear anything at all…” Millow’s voice was wistful as they stared at each other. “But, even if he didn’t… how will we be able to tell Vlad and Zora about Toma tomorrow beneath his watchful eye?”


Elian slowed her breathing as she returned from the tunnels, having endured another mostly unsuccessful attempt at breaking Julien’s spirit. Since the first time she’d gotten him to say that a “she” was returning days ago, he’d found a new source of strength and clammed up. Elian could only assume that Ja’el was the reason. Ja’el did not always give Her words to every person who could hear Her, but Elian was convinced Julien had received specific messages that he’d refused to reveal. The Siddhi was far more formidable than she’d anticipated, with loyalty to Ja’el that even the Order’s most renowned priests and priestesses would have likely lacked in his position. She needed to…

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