The Order of Ja’el — Chapter Eleven

Jeanelle Frontin
14 min readApr 24, 2022

A Weekly Sci-fi Fantasy Story Series

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Julien stared dumbfounded at the extravagance surrounding him in the palace. Having hailed from humble beginnings in a smaller Sky city called Potero, he’d never laid eyes on the richness of the royals. The events in Potero had been small at best, and the royals always kept to themselves in the more miniature castle assigned to that city.

The Capital was home to the Sky’s largest and most luxurious palace. The technology enabling it made the other cities seem ancient. Julien’s loss for words was therefore expected but, for Zora, a bit inconvenient.

“How many days were you captured for exactly?” She pressed again, repeating the question a little louder. “Uhh, Julien?”

“Yes, oh! I’m sorry. I just never imagined…” His voice trailed off as the healer bent over him and then moved aside for a servant to present a meal fit for a small family. “Is all of this for me?”

The servant nodded, smiled, and placed the fresh foods on the table next to him with impeccable style. The rarest fruits in the Sky formed a pyramid on its golden tray, and a gold jug with the special healing juices of the royals stood tall next to it. The healer then took out a medical injectable and braced Julien for the small poke.

Health flushed through his body almost instantly. He gasped at the strength he felt returning to him despite the weeks of torture his body had endured. “Have you also given this to the young girl who was captured?”

“Yes, she’s alright now. And so are you.” The healer responded, packing up her tools.

“This… everyone should have access to this. It’s… I can’t believe — ”

“Yes,” Zora interrupted. “It’s amazing, and you will get used to it. But I really need you to concentrate, Julien. We went from being in the middle of a cold war to a hot one from saving you both, so any assistance you can give us…”

Julien stiffened slightly. He looked at Zora as though he saw her for the first time. Her beautiful black curls framed her intense eyes and perfect lips. Her lean body dripped in royalty even though she was cloaked as though…

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