The Order of Ja’el — Chapter Eight

Jeanelle Frontin
15 min readApr 3, 2022

A Weekly Sci-fi Fantasy Story Series

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Jada adjusted her floral dress in front of the mirror wall, glancing at Leagus as he changed his suit in silence. When he peeked at her, her heart quickened. It always did to the memories of their passionate lovemaking in that very spot. The world crashed around Jada when Leagus immediately looked away without issuing his usual seductive compliments. It was the only confirmation Jada needed: Leagus had heard what transpired between her and Millow.

“Is everything okay, my love?” Jada carefully pressed, hoping to reveal his intentions. She had asked him the night before when he’d come to bed quite late, and his only response was, “I didn’t mean to wake you. Get some rest.”

Now, as he looked back at her with a foreign glaze over his eyes, he merely muttered, “My apologies. A lot is happening at the Headquarters.”

“You don’t want to talk about it?” A hint of desperation echoed in Jada’s voice. She hoped to remind Leagus of their connection by alluding to how much he loved being able to vent to her about the City’s affairs. Perhaps then, he would withhold the wrath she was certain would soon unfold.

Instead, he walked up to her and rested a heavy hand on her shoulder, saying, “Not this time,” before abruptly leaving the room.

Fear under the guise of angry tears filled Jada’s eyes as she stared at herself in the mirror. As much as she was dedicated to the cause shared with Zora and Vlad, a large part of her mourned the simpler life she’d led only a week ago. She’d had only one thing to hide — hearing Ja’el — and she’d managed to do that from everyone all of her life. She and Leagus were as happy as one could hope for in the Sky Colonies. At the very least, she hadn’t been facing public torture and death.

Jada had never witnessed the punishment of execution by Skyfall. Her only recollections were the ones Leagus had spoken of under his purview. He’d told her about the heart-wrenching begging and wails that rose from the criminals as the Forces walked them to the edge. With each step, the chains grew tauter as those assigned soon had to drag the perpetrators along and eventually push them…

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