Embracing Authenticity: The Key to Attracting Your Tribe

Jeanelle Frontin
4 min readOct 3, 2023
Photo by Ron Lach (pexels.com)

In a world filled with connections and networks, where social media platforms bridge the gaps between individuals, have you ever wondered what entices like-minded souls to ‘gather’ around you? The answer, surprisingly, is not hidden behind a veil of mystique; it’s rooted in the simple yet profound act of showing up as your true self.

Shared authenticity is the courage to consistently reveal who you are, unapologetically, regardless of the platform or circumstance.

How often do we wish for others to somehow perceive our inner essence and automatically align with us? We craft images of ourselves that might not wholly mirror our authentic selves, leading to a dissonance between our desires and reality. This facade often stems from a lack of courage to embrace and share our authenticity. Subsequently, we find ourselves puzzled by the lack of resonance in our relationships, be it friendships, romantic partnerships, or even business connections.

If you are in any way not being real and honest when you step into this world, your light becomes an obscure signal that opens the door to the unwanted.

The solution is to break free from the cycle of pretence and allow your true colours to consistently shine in every interaction. Instead of curbing your light for fear of overwhelming others, embrace your brilliance with the unwavering conviction that you need not apologize for your radiance.

On this journey of authenticity, it’s also important that you learn to embrace rejection as a clarifying tool. It may seem easier to conform to a more “acceptable” version of you—the “you” that you think has a greater chance of being liked. Being liked may feel good in the moment. However, the long-term price of nurturing relationships that are not based on authentic intersections is great pain. Who you are will inevitably try to surface, and you’ll either fight endlessly to silence it or fight with others when they express shock or disappointment that you’ve suddenly changed. It’s a guaranteed lose-lose.

It is better to shift your mindset around how you perceive rejection, seeing it instead as a signal that the wrong key attempted to open a magical lock. Value the right connections so much that you start to view them as…



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