10 Lessons from Frozen’s Olaf for anyone with a dream

Jeanelle Frontin
7 min readJan 1, 2015

Olaf is one of the most celebrated and loved characters in Frozen. While initially seeming to be an innocent but hilariously stupid and misshapen snowman, it eventually becomes clear that this character has the stuff heroes are made of along with the classic impossible dream. These are his ten most powerful lessons on making your dreams come true:

  1. See the beauty in all things.

Despite his dream of wanting to experience summer, Olaf was in awe of the winter wonderland. It may take a lot of patience to endure the cold when you have never tasted the warmer things in life, but true strength lies in genuinely being in awe at hidden beauty even in your chilliest winter.

2. The universe gives us things we want, but not always when or in the way we expect. Be grateful for the small.

Olaf chose to be content even though he didn’t have a nose. He then got what appeared to be a cute “little baby unicorn” nose, and he was happy. Naturally, when Olaf finally attained the large carrot nose he desired, he was overjoyed. But at no stage was he bitter about his circumstances — he was always grateful for every win, large or small.

3. People may be jealous of your achievements and may even want to take them away. It does not always make them bad people. How you react is a good test of your character.

Some people have ill-intent, and their energy is not the kind you should keep around. However, others can’t help but desire things you have accomplished, maybe because they wanted it in their lives all along. It is not that they have bad intentions towards you, but they are still maturing in life and learning how to be happy for others when they aren’t 100% happy themselves. Not all of them are worth keeping around, but some may…

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